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RapidScreen Tips

RapidScreen is a convenience for motorists.  Vehicles that qualify may skip the regularly-scheduled inspection at an Air Care Colorado facility.  Only exceptionally-clean vehicles will qualify based upon data collected as they are driven by the roadside units.  RapidScreen emissions standards are much stricter than those at an Air Care Colorado facility.  In addition, there are a number of other factors that may prevent a vehicle from qualifying.

Here are a few tips for maintaining and operating an exceptionally-clean vehicle and maximizing your vehicle's chances of qualifying for RapidScreen.

Regular vehicle maintenance is the most important factor in opoerating an exceptionally-clean vehicle.  Proper vehicle maintenance is good for your vehicle, the environment and your budget.  Poorly-maintained vehicles burn more fuel, emit more pollution and wear out faster.

Vehicles emit more pollution at the beginning of a driving cycle.  In general, 10 to 15 minutes of driving before passing by a roadside data collection unit will ensure your vehicle is properly "warmed up" and will be evaluated accurately.

In order to recognize your vehicle, we must be able to read your license plate!  Dirty or damaged license plates and trailer hitches, bike racks and/or other obstructions that prevent a license plate from being read will make it impossible to match your vehicle to registration records.

Moderate acceleration results in the most representative sample of your vehicle’s exhaust emissions.

Vehicles are required to record two qualified readings to be eligible for RapidScreen.  Since there are several factors that can contribute to an invalid reading, it’s a good idea to drive by the roadside data collection units several times in the months prior to registration renewal.

Only one reading per location per day is allowed.  If a vehicle is driven by the same unit multiple times on the same day, only the last reading will be kept.  However, two separate readings at two different locations on the same day are allowed.

It's too late!  We need time to match analyze and process readings, and match your vehicle to registration records.  Any readings recorded within two months of registration renewal will be too late to qualify.