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rapidscreenlogo.jpgAn alternative to a standard emissions inspection at an Air Care Colorado facility, RapidScreen gives motorists the opportunity to have an eligible vehicle’s emissions screened as it is driven by. If data collected on the road meets or exceeds the stricter RapidScreen standards, exceptionally “clean” vehicles may skip their next visit to an Air Care Colorado facility for inspection.  Motorists receive notification on the registration renewal card received from the county. Motorists then can choose to pay the emissions fee along with the registration renewal fee and are good to go!  Participation is entirely voluntary, so motorists may choose to bring their vehicles to a conveniently-located Air Care Colorado facility for a standard inspection and pay the emissions fee at that time.

RapidScreen’s emissions standards are stricter than those of a standard tailpipe emissions inspection.  Therefore, it’s possible to be determined ineligible on the road while subsequently passing a standard inspection at an Air Care Colorado facility. Motorists with Ineligible vehicles are not notified of RapidScreen results. Rather, the regisration renewal card received from the county will simply indicate that a standard emissions inspection is required.