Payment and Notifications

If RapidScreen roadside data collection units have identified your vehicle as having met the stricter roadside standards and your vehicle is exceptionally “clean”, you may receive notification on your county-issued registration renewal postcard that it “Passed roadside emissions”.  If you choose, you may accept your vehicle’s clean bill of health and skip the next trip to an Air Care Colorado inspection facility.  Simply pay the emissions fee along with your registration renewal fee!  Your vehicle’s registration is proof of emissions compliance!

Testing Deadlines

 Data collected on the road requires time to be processed and matched to vehicle registration records.  As a result, roadside data must be collected within a window that allows for this process to be completed in time for your next registration renewal.  Please use the chart below to identify the window that applies to your vehicle:




If your renewal is due during: Your clean readings must be recorded between:
January Nov. 1 of previous year - Oct. 31 of renewal year
February Dec. 1 of previous year - Nov. 30 of renewal year
March Jan. 1 of previous year - Dec. 31 of renewal year
April Feb. 1 of previous year - Jan. 31 of renewal year
May March 1 of previous year - Feb. 28 of renewal year
June April 1 of previous year - March 31 of renewal year
July May 1 of previous year - April 30 of renewal year
August June 1 of previous year - May 31 of renewal year
September July 1 of previous year - June 30 of renewal year
October Aug. 1 of previous year - July 31 of renewal year
November Sept. 1 of previous year - Aug. 31 of renewal year
December Oct. 1 of previous year - Sept. 30 of renewal year

You are eligible to accept your vehicle’s roadside results for up to 30 days after the end of your registration renewal month.  For example, if your renewal month is December, your RapidScreen roadside eligibility would expire at the end of January.